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Name: Lovely Dakota
Date Started: September 1, 2002
Contact: E-mail or Form
Founded by: Marcela
Owner: Gabby (Since 2017)
Host: The Fan Carpet

About Us

Back in 2002, Marcela created Lovely Dakota in a mere two days. As was eight-year-old Dakota, the site was small, and it has grown with her. In early 2013, Marcela decided to hand Lovely Dakota over to Madison.

MADISON: “I’ve been a fan of Dakota (and Elle) since around 2002, the girls remain my favourite actresses today. Like many others, I found Lovely Dakota when looking to learn more about Dakota all those years ago. The website was one of my biggest inspirations while I was teaching myself to design and code websites, so to have the opportunity to work on it is pretty special! My favourite movie of Dakota’s is Hounddog, while War of the Worlds comes in second. Really, it’s hard to pick just one favourite. I love her enthusiasm for all things Hello Kitty and I’m sure between the two of us we could start some kind of pink museum. It’s definitely the best of all colours! She is a rare talent with a passion for acting which is prevalent in all her performances.”

Toward the end of 2015, Madison could no longer update Lovely Dakota. The site was then handed over to me, Gabby, by Jessica, from I had been a visitor for over a decade, and was thrilled at the opportunity of maintaining such an amazing fansite.

GABBY: “Much like Madison, I’ve been a fan of Dakota’s since her first big feature films came out, such as I Am Sam and The Cat In The Cat. We are pretty much the same age, and I’ve literally grown up watching her performances. I’d say the movie that’s the most special to me is Uptown Girls, but I love the majority of them. I have always believed Dakota is one of the best actresses of her generation, and I admire how grounded she seems to be despite having been raised in an environment many of us would perceive as being chaotic. I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Lovely Dakota will always be here to keep Dakota’s fans up-to-date with this amazing actress and continue to support Dakota and her endeavours.