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Dakota Fanning Trivia

Name: Hannah Dakota Fanning
Birthday: February 23, 1994
Current Age: 23
Birthplace: Conyers, Georgia, USA
Parents: Steve and Joy Fanning
Sister: Mary Elle Fanning
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5’4/1.63m

Did You Know…

001. Dakota is a huge fan of Hello Kitty and has said she’s gotten into it more as she’s gotten older.
002. Her favourite colour is pink.
003. Dakota attended a Montessori school in Georgia where she learned to read at the age of two.
004. Dakota learned French and Spanish while in school.
005. She has had both piano and violin lessons.
006. Dakota’s first professional acting job was a commercial for Tide dishwashing detergent, in 1999 at the age of five.
007. Her first role in a movie was Father Xmas, a short film in 2000.
008. The first thing Dakota looks at on a script is what her character’s name is.
009. She doesn’t practice her lines very much, just looks through them, because they always change.

010. When Dakota learned she had been given the role as Lucy in I Am Sam, she spent a long time jumping on her bed with joy and laughing down the phone to her grandmother.
011. Filming the sad scenes for I Am Sam wasn’t difficult for Dakota; she would think about her goldfish dying.
012. Her performance in I Am Sam earned her a Screen Actor’s Guild award nomination in 2002. She is the youngest actress to be nominated for a SAG award.
013. Dakota’s first kiss< was durng a scene in Sweet Home Alabama with Thomas Curtis.
014. Dakota and Elle both worked on the animated My Neighbor Totoro, their characters were sisters too!
015. Dakota only spent one day filming her scene for Nine Lives, and it was done in one take.
016. Dakota started reading the script for Hide and Seek upstairs in her bedroom, but had to come down and sit with her dad and sister because it was quite scary!
017. Robert De Niro gave her an American Girl doll for her 10th birthday that looked like her character Hide and Seek, along with a laptop.
018. She enjoyed wearing a brunette wig for her role as Emily Callaway in Hide and Seek, and thought it made her look scary.
019. The aeroplane crash set was one of Dakota’s favourites on War of the Worlds.

020. Tom Cruise would carry Dakota in his arms everywhere on the set of War of the Worlds (and during promotion!). It started one day when Steven Spielberg said, "Tom, I think you should be carrying her." Tom would ask Dakota each day if she was feeling a little heavier than the day before.
021. While filming War of the Worlds, E! Red Carpet host Kathy Griffin joked that Dakota had checked into rehab for drugs and alcohol. The cast and crew of War of the Worlds tracked Griffin down until she donated money to Dakota’s favorite charity.
022. Dakota’s first cell phone was give to her by Tom Cruise for her 11th birthday. Her parents wouldn’t let her have one beforehand and weren’t too happy about the gift, but in the end, they let her have it.
023. Until she was allowed to use her phone, Dakota pretended to use it. She had imaginary conversations and pretended to receive messages.
024. Dakota has been all over the world. Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and South Korea are among the countries she’s visited.
025. After filming Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, co-star Kurt Russell gifted Dakota a horse! She named her Goldie and all of her accessories were pink.
026. Dakota joined The Girl Scouts of America when she was 12. She belonged to a troop in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.
027. Dakota’s favourite movie is Gone with the Wind and she dressed up as one of the characters, Scarlett O’Hara, for the 12th Annual Dream Halloween Benefit in 2005.
028. All of Dakota’s baby teeth had to be pulled due to the lack of a specific enzyme in her body which would normally break down the roots for teeth to fall out naturally. She also wore braces and an expander when she was younger to straighten her teeth. Despite this, she claims to enjoy visiting the dentist!
029. Dakota had wanted to work with Julia Roberts for a while, and was finally able to do so when they both worked on Charlotte’s Web.

030. Though the country is known for its creepy crawlies, Dakota didn’t see any spiders while she was in Australia filming Charlotte’s Web.
031. Dakota loves to knit. Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are a few of the lucky people Dakota has knitted scarves for.
032. Dakota was photographed for the October 2006 issue of Teen Vogue. She got to keep her favourite thing from the shoot, a pair of Marc Jacobs combat boots.
033. When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s daughter Suri Cruise was born, Dakota bought her a pair of Baby Crocs.
034. Dakota was finally allowed a dog in 2006. She was given a Schnoodle and named her Lewellen, the same name as her character in Hounddog.
035. Lewellen tore apart Dakota’s October 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, which was special to her as it had Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise on the cover. Since working with him on War of the Worlds, Dakota has admired Tom.
036. For Dakota’s 16th birthday, Cherie Currie, who Dakota portrayed in The Runaways, surprised her with a custom-made “Runaways” guitar which she carved herself.
037. Dakota enjoyed being homeschooled and worked with a tutor on set until 2007, when she decided she wanted a real high school experience. She attended Campbell Hall School from 2007 and graduated in 2011.
038. Dakota was on the cheerleading squad at her high school.
039. In 2009, Dakota was crowned Homecoming Princess and Homecoming Queen in 2010.

040. Dakota’s ads for Oh! Lola by Marc Jacobs was banned in the United Kingdom in 2011; they were deemed “sexually provocative” by the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority.
041. Dakota enjoyed playing an evil character in The Twilight Saga, she appeared as Jane in three of the five Twilight movies. She’s a fan of the books and read all four in just one week!
042. Dakota is very close friends with two time co-star Kristen Stewart. Kristen says they are so comfortable with each other they have their own second language!
043. Currently, Dakota is studying at New York University and has inspired her sister to attend college too.
044. Dakota would be interested in directing when she’s older.
045. Her role model is Jodie Foster, who also began her career at a young age.
046. Elle has said Dakota is very observant with an ability to pick up on details, which helps her create a character when reading a script.
047. Though currently living in New York City, many of Dakota’s clothes are still in her Los Angeles bedroom. She has caught Elle borrowing her clothes thanks to paparazzi photos!
048. Dakota is always on time, she doesn’t like people having to wait for her.
049. Taco Bell and Panda Express are two of Dakota’s favourite fast food restaurants.
050. Dakota enjoys promoting her movies, attending press conferences and premieres. She loves seeing everybody again and talking about the experiences they shared on set.