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Gabby   —   Interviews

The website Syfy caught up with Dakota to talk about her latest project gen:LOCK, in which she voices the character Miranda Worth. You can read the interview below.

When you first got involved, what did you think of this huge story?

When I first met with [Rooster Teeth] they told me where the story was going and that a lot of the bigger themes were about human emotion and the relationships between the characters. Especially my character Miranda and for Michael’s character, Chase, and their relationship. I really responded to all of that.

This futuristic, post-apocalyptic world that they have created is really big, and the animation itself looks very cool. I loved all of that, but I also just loved the relationships between the characters and that all the characters are so interesting and specific. I also liked that even though it is animated, they really wanted the acting in the voices to sound as if we were doing live action.

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Gabby   —   Interviews Miu Miu Videos

Miu Miu has released their short film #15, from the Women’s Tales series! It is called “The Apartment” and it was directed by Dakota, marking the first project she has ever taken part in as a director. You can watch the complete film below, as well as an interview in which she talks about the experience.

An apartment as a witness to someone’s personal history, the kind of universal space in which we all find ourselves as we evolve into adulthood. An apartment as protagonist of the latest chapter of Miu Miu Women’s Tales, directed by Dakota Fanning and starring Eve Hewson, Tom Sturridge & Christina Rouner.

Gabby   —   Appearances Interviews Videos

Dakota was on Watch What Happens Live a couple of nights ago to promote The Alienist! The show’s official Youtube channel has posted a few videos of her appearance, and our gallery has been updated with the images.

dakota fanning, watch what happens live, 2018dakota fanning, watch what happens live, 2018dakota fanning, watch what happens live, 2018dakota fanning, watch what happens live, 2018

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Gabby   —   Interviews Please Stand By

Dakota has given InStyle an interview about her upcoming film Please Stand By, which is out now in select theaters and on demand. The original article can be found here, and you may read it below.

Dakota Fanning has always been wise beyond her years. The blond-haired, doe-eyed actress got her first major role at the ripe age of 7 in 2004’s I Am Sam. Her performance as the precocious child of a developmentally challenged father (Sean Penn) earned her a SAG Award nomination the following year, making her the youngest nominee in history.

Now 23, Fanning shows no signs of slowing down. She currently stars as a police secretary on TNT’s period drama The Alienist and has a new film, Please Stand By, about an autistic woman who escapes from her group home to submit her Star Trek script to a Hollywood writing competition, arriving in theaters and on demand today. The latter was something of a-full circle moment for Fanning, as the subject matter paralleled the project that cemented her status as a leading actress. Here, Fanning discusses her new movie, learning to speak Klingon, and the need for female-focused stories.

What drew you to this script? It was so well-written and so moving. [Wendy] had so many quirks: her love of Star Trek, knitting, her dog … there were so many little things that were woven into her. Most importantly, the character didn’t lead with the fact that she was on the autism spectrum. There were so many other things that were more important about her.

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