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Dakota has debuted as a director with her short film for Miu Miu, called “The Apartment”, and W Magazine published an article in which she talks about it and her relationship with the brand. It featured a new portrait session, which we have added to our gallery. You can read the article below, as well as on the magazine’s website.

dakota fanning, portraits, w magazine, 2018dakota fanning, portraits, w magazine, 2018dakota fanning, portraits, w magazine, 2018

It was nearly eight years ago that actress Dakota Fanning, then just 16 years old, attended her first fashion show, Miu Miu’s Spring 2011 collection during Paris Fashion Week. “I was so excited to be there. It was very surreal that I was getting to sit in the front row and I was in Paris,” she recalled. “At the dinner afterwards, Rihanna was there. I wore a pink leather dress that they made for me and a pink cardigan that I still have. I got to meet Mrs. Prada and have had this relationship with Miu Miu ever since.”

Now 23 and a fashion staple, Fanning is officially taking that relationship with Miu Miu to the next level, directing the latest installment of Women’s Tales, the brand’s ongoing short film series. Fanning’s 10-minute feature is called “The Apartment,” and officially premiered last night during London Fashion Week.

A few hours before the debut, Fanning was posted up in the brand’s towering store on New Bond Street in eager anticipation of the evening’s premiere. “I’ve known about Women’s Tales for awhile and I’ve been to the Venice Film Festival when they’ve premiered the films there for two different years,” she said.” It was said that if I wanted to do one and when I wanted to do one, there would sort of be a spot for me… The timing was right and I was very excited to do it with Miu Miu and the people I felt I had a real friendship with. I’m somebody who thrives on personal connection.”

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Gabby   —   Photoshoots
New Vogue Australia Outtakes
(January 31, 2018)

Our gallery has been updated with brand new outtakes of Dakota’s photoshoot for Vogue Australia! She shared a few of them on her Official Instagram earlier this week.

dakota fanning, vogue australia, 2018, outtakesdakota fanning, vogue australia, 2018, outtakesdakota fanning, vogue australia, 2018, outtakesdakota fanning, vogue australia, 2018, outtakes

Gabby   —   Magazine Scans Photoshoots

I can’t believe how many things we’re getting this month! It has just been announced that Dakota is covering the February issue of Vogue Australia, which features a brand new photoshoot by Emma Summerton! The full cover story is already on the magazine’s website, and you can read it below. Our gallery has been updated with the cover and a couple of images from the featured photo session!

The issue is on sale Monday, January 29.

dakota fanning, vogue australia, february 2018dakota fanning, vogue australia, photoshoot, 2018dakota fanning, vogue australia, photoshoot, 2018

Perhaps it’s just clickbait, but it seems the more you look around, the more you become attuned to actors going method, being overtaken by their roles, getting lost in whatever emotional weight their character carries and their pains. We applaud the actors who go too far, I’m not saying they’re undeserving, but there’s something to be said for those who can take on the complexities of trying roles with a Teflon-like attitude. From age six, Dakota Fanning has been the latter. Whether she’s falling in love, being sexually abused on screen, committing a crime or dealing with death or mental illness, she’ll perform as if she’s lived it, but shrugs it away to the same tune: “It’s pretend.” It begs the question: is Dakota Fanning the most level-headed actress in Hollywood?

It’s just leading up to Christmas when we speak. Having escaped New York for the holidays, she is holed up in her parents’ Los Angeles home. As happens to busy people this time of year, Fanning has come down with a flu that reared its head as soon as she stopped. A sickness, she says she’s been fighting off all year due to pressing schedules, international travel and work. Having spent a good chunk of her last year in Budapest filming her first television series, The Alienist (now screening on Netflix), Fanning is enjoying a moment of down time. This year will see her star in Australian director Ben Lewin’s film Please Stand By (Australian release to be confirmed), make a small appearance in the all-female Ocean’s Eight, and continue her work to get an adaption of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar off the ground.

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Gabby   —   Photoshoots

I have been adding portrait sessions to our gallery this past week, all of them taken this month for various outlets in order to promote The Alienist, which premieres in a couple of days on TNT. I just added another one, so I figured I should finally make a post with them all. Actors Luke Evans and Daniel Bruhl, her co-stars, are also featured.

dakota fanning, luke evans, daniel bruhl, portrait, 2018dakota fanning, luke evans, daniel bruhl, portrait, 2018dakota fanning, luke evans, daniel bruhl, portrait, 2018dakota fanning, luke evans, daniel bruhl, portrait, 2018