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Gabby November 09, 2017 0 Comments

A few videos of Dakota doing press at Rome Film Festival last week have been released! Two of them are from the red carpet premiere of Please Stand By, and the other seems to be a piece of the film’s press conference. You can watch them below.

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Gabby October 16, 2017 0 Comments

The premiere date for The Alienist has been released! TNT has set it for January 22, 2018, at 9pm. A new trailer has also been posted to their official Youtube channel, and you can watch it below.

Gabby September 01, 2017 0 Comments

A new trailer for The Alienist was released earlier this week! Unfortunately for us, it also came with some sneaky bad news – the description of the video on TNT’s official Youtube Channel states the series is set to premiere in 2018! Up to this point, every article had been assuming the date would be set to late 2017. Well, it happens… let’s keep our fingers crossed for some promotional stills soon!

Gabby May 17, 2017 0 Comments

The first official trailer for TNT’s The Alienist is here! If features several scenes with Dakota, as well as more information about the show than what we could previously find online. It looks amazing!

Gabby March 28, 2017 0 Comments

W Magazine has released a new interview with Dakota! She talks about her work in the film American Pastoral, directing and producing The Bell Jar, working on Kirsten Dunst‘s feature film directorial debut, her first kisses (real and on screen) and more. It’s a very interesting interview, as it sheds some light on her most recent work. Read it below.

Actress Dakota Fanning is only 23 years old, but has already been a household name for years thanks to her roles in such varied films as I Am Sam, The Secret Life of Bees, and The Twilight Saga. Most recently, she starred in Brimstone and American Pastoral, a film based on the Philip Roth novel of the same name, as Merry Levov, a teenager who becomes involved in political terrorism; and next, she is collaborating with Kirsten Dunst on an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. Here, Fanning opens up about these challenging roles, how she handles what people think about her, and more.

Lynn Hirschberg: In 2016 you starred in American Pastoral. How did the project evolve?

Dakota Fanning: So American Pastoral came to me a few years ago, with a different director and with Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly attached as actors to play my parents. So we were all three attached as actors for a while and this director ended up not being able to do it. It was one of those movies that like you kept thinking, “Oh, maybe I’m going to be working on it in the fall,” and then the fall would be there and then you wouldn’t be working on it and, “Oh, maybe it’s going to be in the spring.” It just kept getting pushed and pushed and pushed and then when that director fell out that’s when Ewan asked if he could direct it. And they said yes and he still wanted me to be in it–I definitely had a moment of like, “Oh no, what if he doesn’t want me to do it, like okay, that would be hard,” but he did so that’s that.

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